Monday, December 10, 2012

The Second 1/2 of this Post is More Exciting...

Currently, I am sick. It sucks. A lot. I am pretty sure that I have bronchitis (again!!), and am going to the doctor tomorrow after to, hopefully, handle it. I have been coughing so hard for so many days that a very large amount of capillaries have burst in my face, leaving me with ridiculous red pinprick marks all around my eyes, cheeks, and neck.

Today, I coughed so hard for so long, and could not catch my breath. Another teacher came in during the RTI switch just so I could get out of the classroom for 2 minutes and try to get it together. I was sweating and crying and completely red from the shoulders to the top of my head, and my eyes were red and it was ridiculous and terrible. This is not the first time that this has happened to me, but it was the first time that it has happened to this extent, and in the classroom. The kids (second graders) were obviously scared. And don't worry, I got to terrify both my homeroom and RTI classes. Great.

What was actually great, was that after feeling horrible all day and straight up wanting to take a nap on the classroom floor, I was greet by two students waiting at my classroom door as I brought homeroom back from Art class at 3:10 and rushed them toward dismissal. These two adorable children had spent their indoor recess time (it was crap outside today), making me get well cards! The cards were filled with things like "I hope you are felling better," "Merry chrismis," "have a nise afternoon," and "if you epreasheat this i'd be vary happy." The spelling mistakes made them every better. I still feel like garbage, but can't stop smiling when I think of those cards - BEST GET WELL GIFT, EVER! :)

Now, the real reason that I am writing this post: it's time. The proverbial cat is out of the proverbial bag. Best friends know (have known), families know, friends know, and kids that I care about having know, know too. Now it time for the DOC to know...

that I am 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant!! I am due June 12, so sometime around then, I will be not just a person with T1, but a mom with T1.

Three months in and the shock of it (oh, hey, surprise!) has worn off and I can finally tell people beyond my best friend and I am starting to smile when I think of it. My husband no longer looks like he will pass out and/or vomit when he thinks about it. I am excited. I am scared. I am all the things that (I think) I am supposed to be. And I am happy to share it with the internets and the DOC because I know that there will be happiness and excitement and real-life advice and stories and important and wonderful things to come from you, because that's how you guys do.
So, yay!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Looking Over New Horizons

Again, it has been quite awhile since I've written. I am not good at keeping up with these sorts of things. I think I need to set aside times to keep my updates in control. A book once every two or three months is just ridiculous.

I have a few interesting things to write about. First off, I have been working really hard at keeping my blood sugars in a nice range. I have been setting my goals lower and I am succeeding. Diabetes, right now, I am winning! I had my A1c done 3 weeks ago and it was 5.7 - wooooooooo!!

Also, I have been talking to Dexcom and am working on getting that sexy new G4 Platinum as soon as humanly possible. There was a mix-up with the paperwork between Dexcom and my endo office, but it looks like that is now worked out. Hopefully, my order will go in this week! My Dexcom contact has been very nice and helpful, especially considering that I told her that I thought this was taking too long and could she please please hurry up. While I will be poor (thank you insurance, for covering at 50%... I know that's better than nothing, but seriously!??) thanks to the initial cost of the receiver and the monthly cost of sensors, I will feel much better with this new information.

So, I guess that's where I am at right now. 5.7 and waiting on Dexcom. Oh, and more fun information to come as soon as I am able to offer it! Right now, things are certainly looking pretty in this nice horizon light :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Data Thirst

Soooo I am considering Dexcom.

From what I gather, there seem to some annoying points about the dex, mostly that I have to stab myself with something else and that I will have one more thing to carry in the monitor. However, I am currently testing my blood sugar 10-18 times per day, depending on what and how I am doing. So the idea of seeing where my blood sugar is going when is pretty enticing!

Today, when I was riding between 40 and 60 mg/dL most of the morning, while teaching 4th grade, it sure would have been nice to know a little sooner. Then, when I thought I had corrected with enough GlucoLift tabs, learning that I was still at a 54 an hour and a half later, it again would have been nice to know! I mean, I  really couldn't even feel it anymore. How long had I been low?

Teaching is honestly one of the least good places to be diabetic. I mean, only jobs that require extended time sans civilization or extreme levels of exercise can be worse. I just have no time!! Sometimes I feel like my job does require me to spend time in the jungle - these kids are like wild animals some (read: a lot) of the time. Then, as a substitute, I have almost no consistency in my schedule. I go from teaching a class where I eat at 11, to 12:45 the next day, to no prep periods, no time to go to the bathroom, no think time all within days or weeks or hours! It's crazy (but I do love teaching! Jobs for me, anyone, jobs??).

Then, there is the insurance issues to consider. I have Aetna, and have no idea how much or when or how my insurance will cover for dex. Considering I am fairly poor, due to this whole "no real teaching job" thing, really good coverage would be lovely.

Soooo dexcom. Thinking, have to talk to endo when I go in a few weeks. What. To. Do.

Advice, suggestions, information all welcome!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Praise Pod

It has been a very long time since I posted on here. Maybe that's because there have been a fair amount of d-related changes in my life, maybe it's just because I've been busy. I am not sure, but I can say this, as far as D is concerned, I am fairly happy right now. 

I switched to the Omnipod in mid-June (it arrived June 14th, to be exact, and I popped my first pod on immediately after returning home from celebrating my sister's high school graduation). 
left arm took the first hit
Here I am after my first insert, super happy with myself. I did not wait to go through any training, and I did not meet any Insulet CDEs before "installation". I am impatient, and it was going to be another week. And I had been on a Minimed for over 5 years, damnit! Between my brain and the book, I can figure this out. And I did, and it worked, and it was awesome!

Fast-forward one month exactly to when Drew and I were leaving for our much awaited honeymoon to Hawaii (Oahu), and I took my pods on vacation. And, for the first time, I didn't worry about water, or sand, or heat, or detach-reattach. I took diabetes to the beach, in Hawaii, for 13 days and 12 nights. And I can count on one hand the number of times I was high while there (granted, it might take me 5 hands to count all the lows, but that's beside the point!). 
"diabetes on the beach"
Now, it is September, almost the middle of it already, actually, and I am still quite happy with my Omnipod. When I met with my CDE (post-training, I got switched between a few people, I think I'm set now, though), I told him that I had been thinking about the Omnipod sort of passively for almost a year before I switched. Then, when I finally saw an endo for the first time in two years, I was in such a bad place d-wise, that when I was told that I could upgrade my Minimed, I was psyched. I mean, something new (who doesn't like new?), so I just assumed it would fix everything. Plus, it just sort of happened, like "oh your old pump is kind of breaking, oh you're way past the 4 year mark, oh let's upgraded you now!" so very fast, that it was over and done and I had a Revel before I really had time to think about it. When I did, I suddenly realized, "Wait a minute, I don't think I wanted this. I think I had another plan!" Luckily, Insulet and Omnipod sort of have a helpful plan and people for when that happens, and luckily for me, they were awesome enough to help and do it quickly.

So, I have cut the cord. It may not be right for everyone, which is cool. But I love wearing dresses now, and jumping in the pool, and thinking about how I don't have to think about the physicality of my pod. So, Omnipod, you are just right for me. You are the best D decision that I have ever made. 

Pod Man to the rescue

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New New New

Never updated my blog after my last endo visit in March, and I just had another visit today, so let's do a double update, shall we?! 

Well, the March endo visit showed that I am, basically, awesome. Ha. I pulled my A1c down from an 11 to a 6.9, which pretty much rules. Doctor said I was doing great! She also gave me orders for new bloodwork and thyroid ultrasounds for June, before the next appointment with her, so that's that.

As for now, I had to move my appt up from the end of June to today, because starting the 18th, I basically will not be free from 7-5:30 everyday because of my summer nanny job. Also, for quite a while I have been feeling very "blah" about my pump in general. I was hoping that when my REVEL came, I would be more excited about pumping again. However, the excitement of "new" quickly faded as everything was really the same. I am still attached to this thing, day and night. I still have to dress around it, and I still can't wear dresses. There is never anywhere both comfortable and functional to wear my pump. It pulls on my skirt waists. I have to wear a belt every stinking day. I have to put on, take off, put on, take off at the pool. It's not comfortable to keep on when exercising. I have to take it off to shower. I have to have to take it off to... for other activities. So, I've been thinking about the Omnipod. 

Obviously, this was poor timing choice, but I spoke to the Omnipod people and they actually have a very affordable "cut the cord" program for when you're still under warranty with other pumps. My doctor was totally supportive and said that it is my choice and she thinks it will be fine, especially if I am happier. So I'm doing it, switching to Pod as soon as the paperwork is fully filed. I'm sending in my part today!

Also, my A1c went down again. I am 6.4!! I am a winner. Yes.

But, I do have to start thyroid meds, as my TSH levels have been going up slowly for 3 years, and my thyroid is enlarged and en-bumped. Boo, that kinda sucks. But, there isn't much to to except damn my endocrine system and move on. So I shall. Sigh. 

New pump! New (better) A1c!! New/more meds (gross).

Friday, March 9, 2012

It's been a while!

Hello! I have been a big blog slacker and haven't posted in a looooong time, so it's time for some updates!

1. I got the results of the FNA a while ago, and apparently there was not enough sample, so the result was basically "uh, it didn't work." My doctor said she doesn't want me to get it done again yet. I have another endo appt at the end of this month (March) and I will get an order for another ultrasound. If the ultrasound looks the same, then I am good, but if anything looks different then it's time for another FNA. If that happens, then this time I am going to require some painkillers or something, because that was just ridiculous before.

2. I am trying a new diet. It's called the "I don't care how much you hate it, you get yourself outside and run/walk/jog at least 2 miles at least 3 times a week" plan. Ha. Basically, I lost a lot of weight over the summer due to the whole wedding stress and horrible blood sugar control, but I was so happy to have finally lost the weight that I had gained over the past few years. Now, I have somehow managed to very quickly gain back every pound :(. Not happy, so I am working on it. Insulin may keep me alive, but, it really stinks sometimes.

3. I have had much better blood sugars lately. I am getting blood work done next week and am actually sort of excited to see what my A1C is. Ha, what a loser I am!! However, I have definitely been having more lows than I would like. The other night I woke up at 4am to a 42 blood sugar. Literally crawled to the kitchen and was sitting on the floor in the open fridge chugging juice out of the container. So not fun.

Diabetes, you are such a poop!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Finally had my FNA thyroid biopsy this past Monday. It sucked. Big time. From everything that I had heard, I expected the biopsy to be uncomfortable and a little bit painful, as well as to have a little swelling and tenderness afterward for about a day. I found this to be the answer to my questions about the process when asking people in real life, as well as when looking up the information online.


Ahhh. Instead, the actual procedure was very very uncomfortable, as well as very painful the entire time. I was in  holding back and then eventually in tears as the doctor inserted a needle and scraped around the right side of my thyroid gland three separate times. Super fun.

My neck was swollen like a tree trunk for about 4 days, as well as very painful to look in any direction, as well as swallow, cough, and sleep. Slowly though, the swelling and pain has decreased.

Now I'm about 5.5 days out and the left side of my neck is totally back to normal. The right side, though, is still slightly swollen and very painful under my chin and into my thyroid. I have a cold, and I don't think this has helped either. It hurts still to swallow and look up. Sneezing is extremely painful, as is bending over to the ground.

This bites. Hopefully I am better soon. Booooooo.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Teacher Seeking School

I need a job. A real teaching job. I desperately need a steady job in my own classroom with a salary and my own kids and my own stuff and I nameplate on the door and a mailbox and an email and even some crazy coworkers and parents to deal with. I NEED IT.

And, because I need a real teaching job so very desperately, I cannot really give any opinions in favor of any one group/organization as per the state of certain schools and their districts.

However, if I did not desperately need a full time teaching position (seriously, ANY DISTRICT AT ALL), I might have some very strong opinions on the Neshaminy strike. But, I do, so let's just say that I don't have any thoughts at all...

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Disease?

Happy New Year! It's 2012... weee!! Since it was the holidays, I haven't really written in a while, but now I think I should jump in and update some things.

Christmas was good and fun. We had dinner with my family and also visited some of his family, near and far. As far as fun presents, Drew got me a pretty hat and a really nice new digital camera, yay! We also had fun at a New Year's Eve party with some friends, where we could see the waterfront fireworks. :)

As far as diabetes goes, I have my new REVEL! It is not that different from the 522 that I had before, but a little fancier and just new. I like it a lot! It's nice to not have to worry about no delivery alarms. And, I really like using the sure-T infusion sets. I've had a couple painful sites, but in general it's been great. New stuff rules.

Well, most of the time, it rules. Some new stuff really sucks. Like new diseases. Booooooooo. My endo already told me that my bloodwork showed heightened thyroid antibodies, which can indicate problems. Now, she's gotten back the results of the thyroid ultrasound that I had done. She said there is a nodule in my thyroid. She said that now I have to have a biopsy!! She said it is likely Hashimoto's disease (which means my thyroid is killing itself... more autoimmune diseases). But, I have to have the biopsy because there is a 5% chance that it could be thyroid cancer. WHAT. THE. HELL. I don't even want to hear about a 5% chance. I don't want to hear about a 1% chance.  I am 28 years old. Cancer is unlikely but still a little scary. Another chronic disease is not what I want to hear either. This sucks.