Wednesday, March 27, 2013

28 + 1

Last week I hit 28 weeks (7 months pregnant) and was able to say that I am now into my third trimester. Still cannot believe that! Diabetes-wise, things have started to change some. My A1c is still under 6, but somewhere around week 26ish, I started to see some actual insulin resistance creeping into my numbers. I know that typically, people describe insulin resistance as gradually making its way into pregnancy throughout the second trimester and then becoming a giant pain in the butt throughout the third trimester, but that wasn't my experience. I experienced a second trimester that wasn't filled with near as many crazy-town lows as my first, but still ran on the lower/easier side. However, now I am definitely starting to fight with my numbers some. Diabetes, you are such a pain in the ass.

Like the background in the picture? We call this the "moon room." The other 3 walls are painted a light blue, but this one has some custom/hello-there wallpaper in it. I decided that this would be the perfect place for belly pictures in the new house, because we are going to redo this room as the nursery. You can see the changes to the wall and my belly in one shot!

Right now, schools are on spring break, so I am off from subbing (work) for the week. This is great because we made settlement on our house on March 14th and moved in this past weekend! I am spending the week trying to get some nonsense done around here.... so many boxes!! Also, though, we are not fully out of our apartment. Since were are paid through the end of this month (this coming weekend), we didn't bother to clean super well and left some random stuff there when moving. I spend much of today cleaning the old place out so that we can have our deposit back. Let me tell you, co-diabetes people, never move your couch. You will be kind of ashamed and semi-grossed out at the test strip graveyard that lives underneath of it!

Home, Sweet Home!