Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Disease?

Happy New Year! It's 2012... weee!! Since it was the holidays, I haven't really written in a while, but now I think I should jump in and update some things.

Christmas was good and fun. We had dinner with my family and also visited some of his family, near and far. As far as fun presents, Drew got me a pretty hat and a really nice new digital camera, yay! We also had fun at a New Year's Eve party with some friends, where we could see the waterfront fireworks. :)

As far as diabetes goes, I have my new REVEL! It is not that different from the 522 that I had before, but a little fancier and just new. I like it a lot! It's nice to not have to worry about no delivery alarms. And, I really like using the sure-T infusion sets. I've had a couple painful sites, but in general it's been great. New stuff rules.

Well, most of the time, it rules. Some new stuff really sucks. Like new diseases. Booooooooo. My endo already told me that my bloodwork showed heightened thyroid antibodies, which can indicate problems. Now, she's gotten back the results of the thyroid ultrasound that I had done. She said there is a nodule in my thyroid. She said that now I have to have a biopsy!! She said it is likely Hashimoto's disease (which means my thyroid is killing itself... more autoimmune diseases). But, I have to have the biopsy because there is a 5% chance that it could be thyroid cancer. WHAT. THE. HELL. I don't even want to hear about a 5% chance. I don't want to hear about a 1% chance.  I am 28 years old. Cancer is unlikely but still a little scary. Another chronic disease is not what I want to hear either. This sucks.

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