Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Praise Pod

It has been a very long time since I posted on here. Maybe that's because there have been a fair amount of d-related changes in my life, maybe it's just because I've been busy. I am not sure, but I can say this, as far as D is concerned, I am fairly happy right now. 

I switched to the Omnipod in mid-June (it arrived June 14th, to be exact, and I popped my first pod on immediately after returning home from celebrating my sister's high school graduation). 
left arm took the first hit
Here I am after my first insert, super happy with myself. I did not wait to go through any training, and I did not meet any Insulet CDEs before "installation". I am impatient, and it was going to be another week. And I had been on a Minimed for over 5 years, damnit! Between my brain and the book, I can figure this out. And I did, and it worked, and it was awesome!

Fast-forward one month exactly to when Drew and I were leaving for our much awaited honeymoon to Hawaii (Oahu), and I took my pods on vacation. And, for the first time, I didn't worry about water, or sand, or heat, or detach-reattach. I took diabetes to the beach, in Hawaii, for 13 days and 12 nights. And I can count on one hand the number of times I was high while there (granted, it might take me 5 hands to count all the lows, but that's beside the point!). 
"diabetes on the beach"
Now, it is September, almost the middle of it already, actually, and I am still quite happy with my Omnipod. When I met with my CDE (post-training, I got switched between a few people, I think I'm set now, though), I told him that I had been thinking about the Omnipod sort of passively for almost a year before I switched. Then, when I finally saw an endo for the first time in two years, I was in such a bad place d-wise, that when I was told that I could upgrade my Minimed, I was psyched. I mean, something new (who doesn't like new?), so I just assumed it would fix everything. Plus, it just sort of happened, like "oh your old pump is kind of breaking, oh you're way past the 4 year mark, oh let's upgraded you now!" so very fast, that it was over and done and I had a Revel before I really had time to think about it. When I did, I suddenly realized, "Wait a minute, I don't think I wanted this. I think I had another plan!" Luckily, Insulet and Omnipod sort of have a helpful plan and people for when that happens, and luckily for me, they were awesome enough to help and do it quickly.

So, I have cut the cord. It may not be right for everyone, which is cool. But I love wearing dresses now, and jumping in the pool, and thinking about how I don't have to think about the physicality of my pod. So, Omnipod, you are just right for me. You are the best D decision that I have ever made. 

Pod Man to the rescue

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