Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A crappy A1C and the awesome sure-T

Got a voice mail from Dr. Joffe (new endo) yesterday, she got my bloodwork back and wanted to let me know my A1C. I'll just put it out there. 11. Yes, 11. Worst one I've ever had, including when I was diagnosed! Sweet. She said "we have a lot of work to do"... you think??

Ah well, I've already started the work and numbers are already looking better. Nothing else I can do but that and keep chugging along. In 3 months, I predict that I am down to at least 8.5ish. I'll let you know if I'm there.

Good thing: met with a new "diabetes clinical manager" (someone who works for Medtronic and whose job it is to get people with pumps to know how to use them and get their crap together) named Lindsay and she is awesome. She is diabetic!! Lo and behold, they do exist! It's so much better to talk with someone about your issues who is also diabetic and therefore is not just well-read on the subject but actually experiences everything, too! 

Anyhow, to help me with my scar tissue issues (ha, rhyme) and my delayed site changing (due to scar tissue/pain/nowhere to put it) she introduced me to the greatest thing ever - a different type of infusion set called the Sure-T. It. Is. Awesome.

Awesome Thing 1: it does not cause scar tissue! How, you ask? Well, it's not a cannula that stays in you, it's a little teeny steel needle that stays in you. Don't be scared! It's smaller than a pushpin (which, by the way, is how you insert it, you just push it straight in) so is less damaging, so no scarring.

Awesome Thing 2: it has a tension release/extender part that allows you to insert in less than optimal places (logistically) and you can disconnect the pump without have to get in your pants or something else annoying

Awesome Thing 3: it doesn't hurt AT ALL!!! I can barely feel it go in, I can barely feel it come out, and I can barely feel it while it's in there doing its thing. I can sit on it. I can smash into it. It is super awesome. Yayyyy Sure-T!! I can't wait to switch for good! 

Bye bye silhouette! You and your pain-in-the-butt-ness and your regular pain are going away... going away with my paradigm 522 pump! It's time for an upgrade in all things! Can't wait for my new Paradigm REVEL and my new Sure-Ts to come in (by Christmas-ish)!!