Wednesday, February 20, 2013

24 Weeks

Today I am 6 months (24 weeks) pregnant. Where has the time gone?! How is it possible that I only have 3 more weeks before I have reached my 3rd trimester? This just seems insane.

I feel like, from the people that I have spoken with/to, many women seems to either love or hate the feeling of being pregnant. I don't think I fit into either category. I definitely do not hate pregnancy, but I am not sure that I completely love it either. I am just fine and dandy about it, I guess. There are things that are annoying and I am not a fan of, but I don't particularly dislike pregnancy in general. I don't feel "gross" or anything like that.

much more obvious, now
I feel good about myself when I see results that show I am succeeding in the diabetes-aspect of pregnancy. Maybe I don't "love it" because pregnancy with T1 is not the pregnancy that is shown in movies or TV or in any of the experiences that anyone I know in real life has had. I can't gorge myself on particular foods or use pregnancy as some kind of reasoning to really change much about my lifestyle like many women that I have met have said they enjoyed doing. I still have to count carbs and be careful about what I eat, plus make sure I am eating more veggies and fruit and protein and fiber and taking my vitamins and going to all 19 million doctor's appointments.

The fact that I still haven't felt the baby move may also be a part of it. All my tests/ultrasounds/appointments show that everything with baby (have I mentioned that we are not finding out if it's a girl or boy? I want to be surprised, so this is just "baby" until birth) is great. And, I have been told and read many things that say many first-time moms/pregnant ladies don't feel the baby move until pretty late (sometimes up till week 30!), so I know that everything is OK. Still it's hard to feel "really pregnant" when you haven't felt movement. Instead, I feel just kind of chubster who claims pregnancy. :-P Overall, I am happy though. I don't want this to be a complaining post! Pregnancy with diabetes definitely doesn't ruin the experience at all, but I do think it changes it enough that we can't understand "regular people pregnancy" and they can't understand us either.