Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New New New

Never updated my blog after my last endo visit in March, and I just had another visit today, so let's do a double update, shall we?! 

Well, the March endo visit showed that I am, basically, awesome. Ha. I pulled my A1c down from an 11 to a 6.9, which pretty much rules. Doctor said I was doing great! She also gave me orders for new bloodwork and thyroid ultrasounds for June, before the next appointment with her, so that's that.

As for now, I had to move my appt up from the end of June to today, because starting the 18th, I basically will not be free from 7-5:30 everyday because of my summer nanny job. Also, for quite a while I have been feeling very "blah" about my pump in general. I was hoping that when my REVEL came, I would be more excited about pumping again. However, the excitement of "new" quickly faded as everything was really the same. I am still attached to this thing, day and night. I still have to dress around it, and I still can't wear dresses. There is never anywhere both comfortable and functional to wear my pump. It pulls on my skirt waists. I have to wear a belt every stinking day. I have to put on, take off, put on, take off at the pool. It's not comfortable to keep on when exercising. I have to take it off to shower. I have to have to take it off to... for other activities. So, I've been thinking about the Omnipod. 

Obviously, this was poor timing choice, but I spoke to the Omnipod people and they actually have a very affordable "cut the cord" program for when you're still under warranty with other pumps. My doctor was totally supportive and said that it is my choice and she thinks it will be fine, especially if I am happier. So I'm doing it, switching to Pod as soon as the paperwork is fully filed. I'm sending in my part today!

Also, my A1c went down again. I am 6.4!! I am a winner. Yes.

But, I do have to start thyroid meds, as my TSH levels have been going up slowly for 3 years, and my thyroid is enlarged and en-bumped. Boo, that kinda sucks. But, there isn't much to to except damn my endocrine system and move on. So I shall. Sigh. 

New pump! New (better) A1c!! New/more meds (gross).