Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home Stretch

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will mark me at 38 weeks pregnant. I'll just let that sink in for a second.

about 2 weeks ago, at 36 weeks
notice the moon is gone!
(wall has been primed, not yet painted)
I don't know if I ever mentioned it to anyone outside of real life, but a while (maybe 6 weeks?) ago I got into an argument with one of the OBs at my group's practice. Previously, I was told that I would not be allowed to go past my 40 weeks with the pregnancy due to having T1, and all the reasons were explained to me. I accepted this, but requested that the doctors let me go as close to 40 weeks as possible provided I had no issues/complications with the pregnancy (giant baby, preeclampsia, any of the 14 million things they scare you about). The doctors that I had spoken with agreed with me - they would let me get as close to 40 weeks as was safe for me and baby. Then there was this guy. Let's call him Dr. D (for douchebag!) 

Dr. D basically told me that I would be induced at about 38 weeks no matter what, just because I have diabetes, and that there was no way they would let me get to 39 weeks, let alone even closer to 40. His reasoning was basically that with all the issues/complication that could occur, it was safer and then he inferred that something would happen. This was the only time that I had met this doctor, he knows nothing about me, other than I am diabetic, and he is basing all his words and information on that one point - on diabetes. Even when I brought up my conversations with other doctors, he ignored my points and said he "would have to talk to Dr. So-and-So." As I am prone to do when I am frustrated with people who I feel like have power over me, I started to cry. While embarrassing, I think this threw him for a loop and he ended up agreeing with my plan to wait as long as was possible/safe. 

Well, time has now passed and even though we are still working on the nursery (painting) and have yet to get any furniture for it, baby time is just about here! Last week at my NST, a doctor that I really like said that nothing is going on with me yet as far as labor, but all my tests and everything are great. He scheduled an induction for my 39th week (just so happened that the best date is June 5th, the day I hit 39 weeks), so if I don't go into labor before dinnertime, June 4th, and everything on that day goes to plan, baby will arrive on June 5th. One week from tomorrow. And now I will have another minor mental-freak-out and then will get back to all the work/prep we have to do. Me and baby will show our faces to the DOC soon!