Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Data Thirst

Soooo I am considering Dexcom.

From what I gather, there seem to some annoying points about the dex, mostly that I have to stab myself with something else and that I will have one more thing to carry in the monitor. However, I am currently testing my blood sugar 10-18 times per day, depending on what and how I am doing. So the idea of seeing where my blood sugar is going when is pretty enticing!

Today, when I was riding between 40 and 60 mg/dL most of the morning, while teaching 4th grade, it sure would have been nice to know a little sooner. Then, when I thought I had corrected with enough GlucoLift tabs, learning that I was still at a 54 an hour and a half later, it again would have been nice to know! I mean, I  really couldn't even feel it anymore. How long had I been low?

Teaching is honestly one of the least good places to be diabetic. I mean, only jobs that require extended time sans civilization or extreme levels of exercise can be worse. I just have no time!! Sometimes I feel like my job does require me to spend time in the jungle - these kids are like wild animals some (read: a lot) of the time. Then, as a substitute, I have almost no consistency in my schedule. I go from teaching a class where I eat at 11, to 12:45 the next day, to no prep periods, no time to go to the bathroom, no think time all within days or weeks or hours! It's crazy (but I do love teaching! Jobs for me, anyone, jobs??).

Then, there is the insurance issues to consider. I have Aetna, and have no idea how much or when or how my insurance will cover for dex. Considering I am fairly poor, due to this whole "no real teaching job" thing, really good coverage would be lovely.

Soooo dexcom. Thinking, have to talk to endo when I go in a few weeks. What. To. Do.

Advice, suggestions, information all welcome!!

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  1. Hey Jennifer!

    I can't imagine trying to manage diabetes with a CLASSROOM full of kiddos. Heck, I can barely think when my two are pulling at my attention.

    Dexcom should be able to take a good look at your insurance coverage. It's a service they offer at no cost or obligation. It's worth exploring - then at least you know what you're dealing with.

    I find CGM's, any brand, are a great extra layer of information. They don't work perfectly, and there will be times that you will be very frustrated with them. But that being said, the benefit I get from them far outweighs the frustration.

    I'm happy to answer any specific questions I can - though I'm no expert (just a patient).