Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Post... Inspiration.

Here I am with a blog. Isn't blogging out now? I think they covered that it's not cool anymore on How I Met Your Mother about a year ago... but hey, if Barney still does it, then can't I just start it??

Anyway, here is my inspiration for the name: jenjengt+d... The jenjengt is me... a double first name and initials for my old and new last names. It's the +d that needs explanation.

First of all, I just got married!! Yay, me! I have been married for 2 months and 5 days now (our wedding was September 4, 2011), and my husband's name is Drew. So, you see, I am no longer just "Jen"... I am Jen + Drew". The +d is firstly, for my favorite d, my Drew! There is a second meaning behind the +d as well, though. The second meaning behind the +d is not nearly as fun - it stands for diabetes. I am +drew and +diabetes, too.

See, I was inspired to start a blog after spending a little more than normal time with a special student of mine and starting to communicate with here parents. This special little lady, who I shall refer to as "G" is a fourth grader at a school I often sub at, and she, like me, has type 1 diabetes. In spending a little more time with her this year than in the last few school years, I have realized that not only is she a great kid, but she is super cool about being a kid with diabetes. So, I started chatting with her mom. Whoa! No wonder why this girl is cool, her  mom is awesome!! And, her mom writes an awesome blog about being the parent of T1 kid (kid with type 1 diabetes). In response to our emails back and forth and reading said mom's blog, I have been having a lot of feelings about being diabetic lately. Some thoughts I never had before, some feelings I have never let myself really feel, and some complaints to let out as well. So I got inspired... maybe I could blog, and be awesome, too!

So, that's my first post... I promise they will be more exciting after this one!

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