Friday, November 25, 2011

Bronchitis and Turkey

Thanksgiving was yesterday and yummy. I love Thanksgiving. Probably because I love mashed potatoes more than life itself. Not to mention turkey. Gobble gobble, I will eat you in all your browned, moist glory!! And then there's the pumpkin pie. In my family, we are serious about dessert. There is no pre-packaged, store bought stuff in this household. Pumpkin pie from scratch, including the crust. My grandparents' recipe that makes people who don't like pumpkin pie like pumpkin pie. And my dad and I kill it, every time. We don't play around!! It was awesome. Yum. I want some now. Drool.

I have some lung issues. Anyone who has ever met me knows that if I'm sick, I probably can't breathe. Everything goes to my lungs. It's a fun time spending half your life wheezing and coughing like a 90 year old person with emphysema.

Anyhow, I get bronchitis a lot. The thing is, I rarely actually get diagnosed. I went to the doctor about a week ago (after being sick for at least a week or two) and was told that there was nothing wrong with me, except maybe my asthma kicking up. I was prescribed prednisone... prednisone!!! Anyone with diabetes knows this is the worst drug ever; no matter how awesome you are at blood sugar checks and control, you will be sky high. As in 380 is looking good. As in 511 is typical..... good lord it's annoying.

Finally, 3 days ago, I went to a doctors office with night walk in hours and lo and behold - look who has bronchitis! Got a zPac and a chest xray order (in case I don't get better - pneumonia, then!) and, while I'm not awesome, things are looking up in the breathing department! Wooo!

Now if I could just these blood sugars down from the roof of the Empire State Building....

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