Monday, September 9, 2013

"Too Good"

It's been a while since I've posted, but, as you've probably guessed, I'm pretty busy with my little guy.
flying over daddy
fascinated by the socks he wore on a chilly day

 my favorite 3 month picture (8/30)
It's hard to believe that he is already 14 weeks old! The summer has gone so fast and I'm trying to find a part time job that somehow works with my hanging out with my best bud!

As far as diabetes goes, there are a few things that have been happening. One, I set up my team for this year's JDRF walk (at the Art Museum, as usual). This year I changed our name to "Beatin' the Beetus." I will probably keep this name from year to year. I'm pretty happy with it.

Two, we get our health insurance through my husband's job. This summer, when the plan lapsed, his company decided to switch insurance providers. Unfortunately for me/us, they chose a company that seems to be built to make life a huge pain in the ass for people with diabetes. Because my husband works for a fairly small company, one 2 different insurance plans were offered to the employees - an HMO and what seems to be the providers lowest level PPO (this provider has about 10 different plan options, if not more). We recently learned that the HMO that we chose only covers DME at 50%. So that means insulin pumps are only covered at 50%. So that means pump supplies are only covered at 50%. So that means my Omnipod supplies will cost over $300 every 3 months. We even spoke to the insurance contact person to look into the PPO option, but because it's the lowest level, even that only provides 50% DME coverage.

Have I mentioned that I'm not working right now? Because subbing pays so little, I can't afford daycare. So without at least a half-time teaching position, I really can't work. With no income coming in on my part, and my husband already paying all the bills, I really don't see how I'm supposed to do diabetes. Awesome stuff. I am trying to find a part time tutoring gig that I can do a couple nights a week after my husband is home. Hopefully that will work out and be enough to keep my insulin pump. Sigh.

I had an endo appointment on Friday. This was my second appointment since giving birth, and the first time in almost a year that I had a 3 month break between appointments. That break of no doctors was delightful! Breastfeeding is really doing a number on my blood sugars. I am low quite often. It seems like no matter what I do, I have a slight spike and then tank after breakfast, and then also go low fast with any sort of physical activity (taking a walk, going grocery shopping, cooking dinner). My endo, after saying hello and going through a couple typical questions, said "so, I guess you've been having a lot of lows?" I responded that I guessed so, and she came back with "yeah, because your a1C is crazy good, too good... it's 5.4."

I guess breastfeeding is making me too good at diabetes? Ha, guess I will work on that! As for the insurance nonsense, good luck to me I guess!

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