Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year, New Everything

It's January 15th and things are suddenly different. 2013 is the year of new for my husband and I. Let's make a list:

Well, tomorrow I will be 19 weeks pregnant (that's 4 months, 3 weeks if you don't want to do any math). To think that I have just about hit my 5th month is so crazy to me. Time seems to be flying! As far as diabetes is concerned with it, things are going well. My A1c has been very good this whole time (between 5.7 and 5.9) and while I am basically into my second trimester now, no signs of insulin resistance yet. I'm sure that will come, but it isn't coming yet, so I'm greatful for the easy road so far. 

I still don't look clearly pregnant. I guess that I haven't "popped" and so people still look at me with that unsure "pregnant or fat?" face. Though, they are starting to go more for pregnant, so that's kind of nice. None of my clothes fit though, which is great fun (not!!). Turns out all this bronchitis and the terrible asthma issues that I have been having are due to the pregnancy. Apparently, some women suffer from their asthma going nuts during pregnancy, and I drew the lucky number for it! Woohoo. I have a little bit of either super-dry skin or a rash on my shins too. Strange, strange. 

On December 30th, while visiting family in Virginia, we went ice skating and I fell. I am a pretty decent ice skater and rarely fall, but a year of no skating and really dull rented skates and probably being a little off balance will get you. After being in pain for a few weeks, I got this lovely New Year's gift this morning:

I look pleased, right?
surprise, fractured right wrist! I am being treated for a Colles fracture and a probably scaphoid fracture, so I get to rock this delightful accessory for the next 6 weeks. I got a waterproof liner to make my life easier though, so there's that!

And, today, while I was in the waiting room at my OB office for a checkup, my husband called to discuss the recent purchase we've been looking into. And we completed said purchase. We bought a house!!! It's like we are real grownups or something now! We will settle and move sometime between mid-February and the end of March. Those exact dates haven't been nailed down yet, but no matter what, house=ours. Wow.

Like I said, new year, new everything. 2013 brings with it pregnancy experience, my first actually broken bone and cast, purchasing a home, moving, and birth of baby. Here we go!

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