Monday, April 29, 2013

Less than 10

to go, that is. I will be 34 weeks pregnant in two days, so I guess it really means there are only 6 more week to go! Geez, have I mentioned that this is going super quickly?

Insulin resistance has set in full-force and is making pregnancy, diabetes, pods, syringes, dexcom, and everything just a giant pain. I am going through insulin and pods like crazy, it's like I'm pumping water sometimes. Before about a month ago, I had never in my life given myself an injection by syringe. The last time I had touched a syringe at all was probably 8 years ago, when my sister was still on them. When I was diagnosed, I went right to Novolog and Levemir pens. But, syringes came back to me like riding a bike does, and I am a correction via butt needle fiend now.

my visit to the moon at 32 weeks
Today, I had an endo appointment and learned that my A1c is 6.2. Obviously, this is pretty good, and if I wasn't pregnant, I would be completely happy with it. But, being pregnant, the fact that I hit 6 and went barely above it makes me feel like a bit of a failure. How messed up is that? Baby is in the 60th percentile growth-wise at 5 lb, 9 oz (I also had an ultrasound today), so not too big or anything and seems to be doing great in every respect, but I feel like a failure because of what would be a "good" non-pregnant A1c. Really have to work harder at not letting numbers, or anything else related to diabetes be a grade to me.

Just last week, I started my twice a week nonstress tests (NSTs) along with once a week amniotic fluid checks (AFIs). Before that, I was going just once a week for an NST at the OB office since about week 29. I was supposed to start twice a week at week 31, but we had some difficulty scheduling things out so that it didn't affect my work schedule/availability. I really had to fight for the point that I was not going to take off work for these tests, and yes, I have to be at work at 8am and no, I can't get to your office before 4pm. I don't know who these people think I am, but normal humans don't have jobs they can just show up late for/leave early from twice a week! Luckily, the nurse in charge of NSTs at my OB office is a sane and kind person and set up a standing Monday/Thursday 4pm date for me from now until delivery, with Monday being AFI then NST and check-up day and Thursday being just an NST.

Apparently some people think that living at doctor's offices doesn't actually effect my life? If only they knew the scheduling miracles that people with diabetes and other chronic issues have to pull off!!

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